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Studio Collection

Luxurious design resin material meets inspired innovation in the STUDIO Collection®. Highly workable, durable and thermoformable, this collection expands the spectrum of design resins with brilliant chromas, natural neutrals and sparkling metallics that look and feel like nothing you’ve seen, and everything you desire.

Crafted from a proprietary resin blend, this premier design resin line stands out from all other surface choices for its unique combination of transparent, translucent and opaque polymers blended to create an endless world of design possibilities.

Colour outside the lines with the Chromatix ™ program from the STUDIO Collection®. Choose from four series collections to create endless combinations of colour and light.

Avonite Surfaces

The Avonite Surfaces® Acrylic Solid Surface has the quality, cost-conscious and high-end aesthetic solution for multiple industries around the globe. Available in a broad palette of colours and designs for every project. It can be used in vertical or horizontal applications, applied in straight or curved lines, or thermoformed into a myriad of shapes.

Movement Collection: creates a warm visual texture. The stone-like veining provides a natural movement to the design, creating a bold new design statement. Thermoformable for curved and custom applications, non-porous surface and easy to clean.

Why Avonite?

  • Wide range of thicknesses from 3mm to 12mm which enables value engineered solutions to lower costs
  • Variety of colours and designs
Avonite Surfaces

With a vast range of colours, Radianz™ provides the ultimate combination of stunning design and low maintenance for any kitchen, bathroom or indoor commercial project. To create a Radianz™ surface, advanced polymer resins and colour pigments are combined with 93% quartz, one of the hardest minerals in nature. The result is a quartz countertop or cladding material that is durable, hygienic and beautiful. This blend of nature and technology can go beyond the realms of natural stone with its versatility and aesthetics.

Why Radianz?

  • Excellent physical properties – anti-scratch, durability and resistance against infection
  • Presentation possibilities of natural beauty
  • Strict quality control
  • Available in a variety of elegant textures and colours
  • Slab dimensions available in 2cm and 3cm
Avonite Surfaces

iTOP are innovative surfaces for countertops, worktops and for cladding furniture that combine cutting-edge materials, large format and high design appeal. Thanks for their outstanding technical and aesthetic features, resistance and design on large-format surfaces is achieved.

iTOP’s unbeatable technical performance and attractive designs and textures connect with the latest trends in interior design.

100% FULL DIGITAL production processes are used to make iTOP, guaranteeing surfaces with advanced properties in natural, structured and polished finishes.

The over 40 available designs are made with H2O FULL technology, which uses water-based inks and glazes. These fully digital production processes lead to the achievement of eco-friendlier, more sustainable collections with amazing definition.

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