About Us

White-Wood is a specialty Products Distributor of building materials to manufacturers, industrial shops, and retail building material stores.

The key products groups being distributed are:

Hardwood Plywood and Lumber

Softwood/Industrial Plywood

Composite Panel Products

High Pressure Laminate

Decorative Melamine Panels

Decorative and Functional Hardware

Adhesives and Edging Products


Quality and Excellence since 1983

Over the years, White-Wood has prospered, flourished and gone from a fledgling organization dating back to 1983, to a vibrant and progressive organization today.

Our overall objective has always been to be a leader in quality and service and to strive towards a level of excellence that we at White-Wood find exciting and rewarding as we move forward.

We used the word “Excellence” as a corner stone for what our company stands for and we have coined a new phrase “COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE” as being our beacon to follow as we move our company ahead.

We want all of our business partners, both customers, suppliers as well as our own employees to always associate excellence and White-Wood in the same thought. In pursuit of this objective, the words, “Professionalism, Upward Mobility, and Efficient” come to mind.